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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week 11 Summary

13 - I decided to try my best to take a photo of each of my kids on the anniversary of their birthday.  Nicholas will be 8 on April 13!
14 - A Robin in our soon-to-be-garden.
15 - Alex and I played with a bouncy ball and a flash light.
16 - I was finally able to get a decent shot of the moon.
18 - Saw a small rainbow ... found out it is called a sun dog.  Thanks, Laura!
19 - Alex's last soccer game.  The kids all got a medal before the game.

My photo for March 13 was chosen as one of Faith's Top 5!  Thanks, Faith!

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Anonymous said...

Love your moon shot!! That eye photo is neat too. Wonderful photos this week. Have a great weekend.

Brooke said...

Kimberly - these are fantastic shots. I love the eye one - such clarity - and the cool bouncy ball one :D Great stuff!

Lisa said...

GREAT shots! The moon shot and the eye shot are amazing.

Michelle said...

Another great week, Kimberly. Your moon is spectacular!

Adriane said...

Love that you caught a great shot of the super moon! I wasn't able to get out myself and I already regret that!