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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 5 Summary

I just realized that I forgot to add dates to each photo, so here's the rundown on this week starting at top left:

  • Top left:  My daughter's bracelet that I found in the washing machine.  I don't check pockets and apparently she forgot to check hers.  :)
  • Top middle: Some blackbirds perched in my neighbor's tree - after filling their bellies at our feeder.
  • Top right: A branch covered in ice after an ice storm moved through overnight and cancelled school for the day.  More icy pictures can be found at My Perspective if you are interested.
  • Middle row right: We had a tiny peek of sunshine in the morning.
  • Bottom left: Alex is so proud after he puts together a puzzle.  He's not always so happy to pose for me though, so I'm very pleased with this one.
  • Bottom middle: One of my carousel horses with the sun setting behind it.  To see another version of this (with the blending mode set differently), go to my Flikr page.
  • Bottom right: A scrapbook I made a few years back that needs photos added.  I plan to do that soon.  Really.
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Looking forward to seeing how everyone else's week 5 went!  Have a great weekend!  We will be glued to our TV's tomorrow watching our Steelers play the Packers in Super Bowl XLV!


Actuary Mom said...

I love the ice photo!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. Love the frozen tree branch, but they are all wonderful. Great job. Thanks for linking up.

Andrea said...

LOVE the one of the sun coming through the clouds! Great week :)

Brooke said...

Great set this week! That ice photo is beautiful. And ohmygosh that scrapbook looks darling. You MUST add photos and start showing that puppy off :D

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

You had a fabulous week, the photos are great!

Thanks for stopping by. Even though there was a thick fog and lots of rain today, we had a blast on the boardwalk. I am blessed to have a "phriend" who is a crazy as I and will venture out with me in any kind of weather just to get that "one" shot.

Colleen said...

gorgeous! I love the ice covered branch.

Anne U said...

Stunning photos, that sky shot is amazing.

Sarah said...

I love your frozen branch shot and Alex's big smile! I have to catch up on some scrapbooking as well! :)