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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 25 Summary

Okay, so I'm waaaaay off schedule this week.  The trip to Boston this weekend has my days all messed up.  And I'm still pretty tired from being in a van for about 28 hours over a 3 day stretch.  If I never see the inside of that church van again, it will be soon enough.  :)

But the kids all did great in Bible Quizzing.  We came home with a gold, a silver, and a bronze medal.  Congrats Rachel, Keira, and Lexi!

Anyway, here's what last week looked like ... in pictures ...
19 - A milkweed beetle - taken with the help of my 10X macro filter.
20 - Muddy-faced kids.  I told them I'd let them get all muddy if they'd let me photograph them all together.  :)
22 - A juvenile Robin that the kids caught then set free.
23 - Honey had her first visit to the groomer's.  She came home so pretty and fuzzy.  :)
24 - The hills/mountains of Pennsylvania ... taken out the van window on our way to Boston.
25 - Quincy Bay, Massachusetts.  We had time before our girls started quizzing and the beach was only a few blocks from the college where the quiz was taking place, so we walked over to put our toes in the sand/ocean.
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The Shades of Pink said...

Beautiful collection Kimberly. I follow both of you blogs but I better double check so I don't lose you!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos this week. Love that umbrella photo. Thanks so much for linking up. Have a great week.

Tracey Washington said...

Great week! Love the idea of the muddy kids, how fun! Thanks for linking up with us this week :)

Brooke said...

What a fantastic week! Love all your amazing wildife ;D