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Saturday, January 1, 2011


I decided to title my posts differently for the new year.  Just to be different.  Because I can.  :)

I've been learning how to edit photos in Photoshop Elements 6 for the past couple weeks.  I usually just edit my photos in Picasa because it is quick and easy.  But I don't want to just take better photos, I want to edit better also.  So the move to PSE6 is necessary.  Or possibly to PSE9, if I decide to upgrade, which I haven't yet.

I'm actually taking an online class from Jessica Sprague called Good to Great Workflow.  I am loving this class!  It is self-paced, so I can work through it whenever convenient for me.  And I can pause it during my gazillion interruptions by my kids.  And just pick up where I left off.  I'm taking a ton of notes so hopefully I can retain some information in this already-clogged up brain of mine.  :)

Anyway, I wanted to show a photo I've been playing around with ... with my new-found knowledge.

The kids on Christmas Eve - SOOC

Edited in Picasa

Edited using the concepts I have learned so far in PSE6 - adjusting White Balance, Exposure, Color Curves, and Saturation.  I actually like the Picasa edit better.

Edited using the concepts I learned in Adobe Camera Raw (in PSE6) - Exposure, Recovery, Blacks, Fill Light, Clarity, Vibrance (as opposed to Saturation), and a little touch up work on Keira's face.

Now I'm still in the very beginning stages of this learning process.  But I'm so excited about learning more!  I'm going to go play some more now.

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