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Monday, January 17, 2011


The kids were home from school today for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  So during lunch Nick and I were looking through a gardening catalog, dreaming about what flowers we will plant once the spring thaw occurs.  He wants to plant some of his own but doesn't have enough money to buy them yet.  So this afternoon he was doing some household chores in order to earn some extra cash.  One of them was washing windows.  He agreed to 10 cents per window (he came up with that amount on his own, by the way).  Even though the microfiber cloth was too wet and left streaks all over the windows, I still appreciate his effort.  


Elizabeth @ Musings said...

I really love this shot. I love that you can see his reflection in the window, and the dreaming look in his face.

Katie said...

This is such a sweet shot - but even sweeter that he's earning money for plants!! And 10 cents a window...that's a bargain! :)

Amanda said...

Child entrepreneurs are fantastic! Great shot. Love how the bright blue cloth stands out but does not overpower the photo.

The Clip Cafe said...

Love his facial expression. Really nice clear shot.

Sarah P. said...

This is a great shot!

Anonymous said...

I lake this shot!