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Friday, January 21, 2011


I was blessed with this handsome fellow this morning.  Right outside my living room window.  I saw something red out of the corner of my eye and hurried to get my camera.  I quickly changed my lens to my 55-200mm and got a few shots of him through the window.  (Thankfully we just cleaned the windows the other day).  :)  I'm so glad to have gotten this picture today.  Otherwise you would have to look at pictures of the 5-6 inches of snow we got overnight that cancelled school today.  :)


Elizabeth @ Musings said...

Wow, this is through a window?? You have VERY clean windows!

Melissa said...


Danelle said...

Wow! Beautiful shot! I may have to think about cleaning my windows, just in case.

Photographing Mom said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

The Clip Cafe said...

Lucky you! How good does he look on that background!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot!!!
Have a nice weekend.