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Saturday, May 14, 2011


ISO 800, f/9.0, 1/80s, 18-105mm lens
OOPS!  I forgot about taking/posting a picture of Nicholas yesterday (the 13th of the month).  Guess my strep throat affected my memory also.  :)  So here he is today.  Except this photo was actually taken on Tuesday.  He needed a pic of the two of us together for a school project and while I had the camera out, he asked me to photograph him on this cruddy old skateboard he found along the road last summer.  He cracks me up with his peace signs and his poses.


Jennifer Thompson said...

haha love the pose and peace sign.
totally reminds me of my boys!

Jaime said... it! So 'boy'! I have alot to look forward to with my three. :)